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 - Appointment  Letter for Independent Director
 - Notice Under Section 160
 - Scrutinizer Report 27th AGM

 - Voting Result 27th AGM
 - Shares Transferred to IEPF




BLK is committed to environmental excellence and to harmonizing development with the environment.


We understand that each of our projects - whether a manufacturing plant, a software facility, a corporate office, a housing complex, heritage hotel or an infrastructure development project, can affect people, animals, plants and the land. Our goal is always to protect the environment during a project, and to build in safeguards that will keep protecting it long after the project is complete.


As part of our environmental policy, we:

  • Communicate and instill an organizational commitment to     environmental excellence in all our activities.
  • Protect the environment by designing, constructing, and operating     projects that avoid or minimize adverse environmental impact.
  • Provide technical and economic information and advice to our     customers on engineering and construction methods that prevent or     minimize pollution.
  • Identify potential environmental issues early and work with     customers to find and implement solutions.
  • Assist customers in the process; of complying with environmental     regulations.
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